About the blog

Welcome to The Concept Blog!

This is a blog about the future. The future, which isn’t what it used to be.

It’s easy to become somewhat depressed when following current events, and even easier when studying where others think we’re heading:

China is growing at a phenomenal rate and “Chindia” is poised to grab all economic power from Europe and the US; they’ve already started by purchasing companies like Sweden’s Volvo Cars. Europe is about to turn into an Islamic caliphate, unless the apocalypse arrives first due to peak oil or the machinations of the Bilderberg group. The Russians keep increasing their military spending and are planning to occupy the Swedish island of Gotland in order to protect their gas pipeline. They won’t want the rest anyway, after our housing bubble pops and everything becomes worthless. Finally, the ocean will rise, drowning all coastal cities. Woe is me!

At the same time, many are quite cheerful: we’re getting a steady stream of new iPhones and iPads, the OECD calls Sweden a tiger economy, the UK invites Nordic countries to tell their secrets of prosperity, fuel economy for new cars is rising fast and old moss-covered dictatorships across the Arab world tremble before the people’s anger. Hooray!

There’s quite a profusion of visions!

I intend to supply a few others, inspired by some American and English writers who are less well known in Sweden. On this blog I will repost (or link to) some texts that I’ve found useful and which provide a somewhat different perspective, along with my own comments and reflections to the texts and to events.

There is a Swedish version of the blog, Begreppsbloggen. There, I will publish Swedish translations of the texts I present here and of course my commentary in Swedish.

Comments are welcome, as are guest posts! Comments need not, but certainly may, be bilingual (posted on both blogs)! I will translate particularly interesting comments, unless the comment author objects.

About me: my name is Johan. I’m around 30 years old, have an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, work in IT and live in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. Contact me via email at begreppsbloggen@gmail.com.

The blog’s name comes from my deep belief in the importance of our concepts. Those are what we use to make sense of what happens around us and to imagine the present and the future. At the end of the day, our concepts are what shapes the future and enable us to make it better.


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