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John Michael Greer: A Deindustrial Reading List

In Swedish / på svenska.

The blog’s been inactive for slightly longer than planned, but here’s the last John Michael Greer text for a while. It’s a translation of “A Deindustrial Reading List” from The Archdruid Report on February 2, 2009. As the title suggests, it’s a reading list for those who want to understand where Greer’s coming from and want to follow him deeper in among these ideas.

Greer won’t be disappearing from the blog, but I’ll start discussing some (in my view) fundamental concepts. Greer’s posts will appear as illustrations of some of those ideas.

Over the last few months a number of people have asked me what books I think they ought to read to help them prepare for the slow unraveling of industrial civilization now getting started around us. This is frankly the kind of question I try my best to dodge. Premature consensus is arguably one of the most severe risks we face just now, and any image of the future – very much including the one I’ve sketched out here – is at best a scattershot sampling of the divergent possibilities facing us as the industrial age comes to its end.

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