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Before launching into speculation on the future I want to give some background to the upcoming posts. From my point of view, there’s no doubt that we’re facing plenty of environmental problems, from dying oceans, problems with our energy supply, creeping climate change, not to mention all the economical and political problems around the world.

There are already plenty of people paying attention to this. In Sweden we have several blogs, such as Flute-tankar, Cornucopia?, Livet efter oljan, Aleklett’s Energy Mix and Effektbloggen among others. There are also those with an opposing viewpoint, especially regarding climate change, for example The Climate Scam or the Stockholm Initiative.

What we don’t have so many of, in Sweden or abroad, are those who try to combine all these various problems into some sort of whole view. The result, despite so much engagement and publicity, is mostly paralysis and fragmentation – we sort our trash (although most of it will be incinerated to provide municipal heating), maybe buy a diesel car with the favourable “environmental” tax rate and discount, but we still fly to Thailand for a few weeks. A lot of what we do is certainly good, such as paying for tree plantings as climate compensation for the Thailand flight, buying a more fuel-efficient car, recycling various containers and so on. Still, there’s not much evidence that it’s enough. Rather the opposite, in fact.

We seem to be heading into a new world, where few of our current assumptions seem useful any more. Already, during and after the financial crisis, many assumptions in economics have turned out to be less useful after the markets were changed by the massive state intervention.

What we need most of all is some way to gather all the sprawling problems into some sort of unity. Perhaps we can’t fashion one single neat image, but having several larger-scale views to compare to reality is better than having none. That’s what this blog will focus on for a while.

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